My Dark Cloud

My dark cloud arrived again today. There was no forewarning, no sign of it's arrival.

Not until it filled my atmosphere.

Covering the sun, the light, the blue of every sky. Masking even the brightest of days until all there was left to see was the darkness.

Just like my shadow it follows where I lead. Covering me in shade, the colour seemingly removed from my sight leaving everything in hues of black and grey.

It spreads from head to toe right through to my bones and muscles removing all available energy as it goes. I'm trapped in place unable to move forwards, unable to move backwards.

My dark cloud reaches right into my head.
It whispers sweet nothings to all of my insecurities, bringing them to the front of my mind. Thoughts trapped in my brain desperate to break free, arguing, shouting, fighting for their place.

I don't want to venture into the darkness of my cloud. I'm tired but it's too dark to sleep, too dark to think, too dark to dream.

Maybe tomorrow the cloud will have passed.
Maybe tomorrow the colour will return.
Maybe tomorrow it will be lighter.


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